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India Medicare Solutions is a leading medical tourism facilitator company based Facilitation is a very time consuming process essential to the success of medical travel. Since facilitation is not their core competency, it's best to leave the details to qualified facilitators with experience. We at India Medicare Solutions are dedicated to offer a complete medical package that will include:
Registration - We register patients to hospitals once we receive queries for a general feedback from the doctor. Registering a patients allow us to arrange our activities systematically. There is no fee for registration.

Patients Medical Reports - Submission of patient’s medical reports to the hospital once we receive them from the patient, we consult the same with the doctors.

Doctor / Physician / Surgeon View- After the consultation with our doctors, we will forwardhis views on the medical reports to you.

Choices of Hospital - If you want to discuss your report in a specific hospital of your choice, we will arrange the same for you.

Medical Tour Schedule - Once you decide to go for the treatment, we will assist you with Medical Visa, Air Ticketing, Quality & Affordable Accommodation, Rehabilitation Centre and if required, we can arrange for a language translator till the time you’ll be staying in the for the treatment.

India Tourism (Pre / Post Surgery) - Apart from this, we will also provide you with India Tourism which you can opt before / after your treatment. You can go online and read about the destination and even plan the tour yourself. We always entertain our client’s suggestions.

Welcoming you to India- When you arrive in India, we will not only receive you at the airport and guide to your hotels and hospitals, but also provide you with mobile phones / sim cards and laptops with internet (if required).

Appointment with the Doctor @ Selected Hospital - We will fix your pre-operative appointment with doctors/ surgeons. You can visit the hospitals and have a look on the facilities available in the hospital

Medical Bulletin - We will be in touch with your relatives and keep informing them about your health through a medical bulletin.

Nursing - We also arrange nurses who could take care of the basic needs of patients, who are unable to do so.

Follow up Care - We ensure that patient receives the best post treatment services both during and after your stay. We arrange for Video Conferencing / emails every 2-3 weeks with the doctors once you are back in your country.

India has emerged as one of the favorite destinations for Medical Treatment. Medical facilities in India are much cheaper compared to the rest of the world, but it doesn’t mean that the services offered in Indian hospitals are marked down to a lower level. Indian Doctors have proved themselves at various international forums. Indian hospitals are accredited with hundreds of international agencies and Most of them are JCI Certified Hospitals – accreditation by World Health Organization, NABL Certified or NABH Certified Hospitals – accreditation by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.