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Our Paediatric Cardiac Surgery department takes care of several cardiac surgeries for congenital heart diseases. The surgery is very serious because its performed to small kids, and therefore, the surgeon has to be the expert one. We cater this requirement by offering you the information about the most experienced and skilled paediatric cardiac surgeon in your neighbourhood.

Our expert surgeons have highest success rate in paediatric cardiac surgeries. We have an experienced team of surgeons, cardiologists, paediatric anaesthesiologists and paediatric intensives. We provide a range of cardiac surgeries including cardiac cath procedures, diagnostics and therapeutics. Other services offered by our expert surgeons are:

Common Close Heart Surgeries:
We provide various close heart surgeries such as PDA ligation, repair of coarctation of aorta, shunt operations, vascular rings etc.

Common Open Heart Surgeries:
Open heart surgeries are very complicated and they need high level of expertise to perform. We have the best success rate in open heart surgeries, and we treat hole on the heart, ventricular septal defect etc.

Other Services:
• BT Shunt/PA plasty on bypass/Surgical atrial septectomy
• All Re-do cases/CAVC/FONTAN
• All cases <3 months old/Artelal Switch Operation/Truncus Arteriosis
• CoA/Simple Vascular Ring/Pacemaker Insertion
• Systematic-Pulmonary Artery SHUNTS
• Cases <3 months old/Shunts/PAB/Unifocalization/CoA/Complex Rings