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India Medicare Solution is the perfect place to find the best Orthopaedic Surgeons in our area. With the increasing number of accident and risky-lifestyle, an injury may happen at any moment which may disturb the proper functioning of your joints. Here comes into act an orthopaedic surgeon who ensures that all your joints are placed properly and are functioning properly.

Our expert surgeons and technically-advanced clinics are capable of resolving common as well as complex surgeries to re-establish the connections of your joints, and get rid of the pain. At our clinics, we provide following orthopaedic surgeries:

Trauma Surgery:
We follow the AO Principles (Standard International Guidelines) to execute the severe trauma surgeries. Our clinics and surgeons provide a range of trauma surgeries including DHS, AFN, PFN, LC LCPS, Locking Platform, Locking nails, Pelvic Fracture Surgery and Poly Traumas.

Arthroplasty & Joint Replacement Surgery:
Arthroplasty is a department in which dysfunctional joints are replaced with a prosthetic material to provide a painless joint. Our expert surgeons are capable of performing knee replacement surgery, hip replacement, shoulder replacement and elbow replacements with great success.

Our Arthroscopy department performs complex surgeries for damaged interior parts of a joint. Our technically advanced clinics have expert surgeons to perform this treatment using arthroscope for many conditions including torn floating cartilage, torn surface cartilage, ACL reconstruction, and trimming damaged cartilage.

Knee Replacement
» Single (Including Implant)
» Double (Including Implant)
» Total Knee Replacement

Hip Replacement
» Single (Including Implant) Cemented
» Double (Including Implant)
» Hip Replacement

Shoulder Replacement
» Single (Including Implant)
» Double (Including Implant)

Arthroscopic Surgery
» Memisectomy
» Shaving of Cartilage
» Anterior Cruciate Ligament

» Cervical (Including Implant)
» Lumber (Including Implant)
» Bunionectomy